Boy Power

The Adventures of Sun Boy

by Gary D. Robinson If you’re familiar with Superman lore, you know the Man of Steel derives his great powers from Earth’s yellow sun. That’s what intrigues me about the “superman” in the Bible. His parents named him Samson—Sun Boy (in the Hebrew language literally, “like the sun”). It’s a name full of hope and […]


Humility—No Options

by David Timms Johannes Brahms, the nineteenth century German composer and pianist, enjoyed great popularity. On one occasion he met an ardent music lover who asked, “Master, would you please write here a small portion of a masterpiece and sign it so I can have a precious memory of this fortunate encounter?” Brahms took the […]

Be like Jesus – The Uniform Lesson for May 1

by Sam E. Stone This week’s topic concludes the unit, “Reasons for Praise.” We have been reminded to “remember Christ” and “remember the warnings” (of Scripture) as we “praise the Lord” and “go and tell.” In the following weeks we will look at John’s vision of worship (in the book of Revelation). Paul’s epistle to […]