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In the World — December 8, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Parent Thrown Out of Common Core Meeting A man in Ellicott City, Maryland was arrested after asking a question during a pubic forum meeting of the Maryland State Department of Education in Baltimore County.  The meeting was about the Common Core curriculum—a new set of federal standards that will be applied […]

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In the World — May 12, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Department of Justice Argues Against Traditional Marriage The U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme court, arguing that a federal law defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman is unconstitutional and discriminates against homosexuals.  The federal Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed […]

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In the World — February 17, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Americans Likely to Become More Religious Surveys conducted recently by Gallup found that 40 percent of Americans can be categorized as “very religious,” while 29 percent are “moderately religious,” and 31 percent are “nonreligious.” The poll used several factors to measure these results, including the frequency of attending worship services and […]

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In the World — January 27, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Church Fights for Tax Exemption Christ Church Pentecostal in Nashville, Tennessee is taking the government to court and challenging its authority to define Christian ministry. The church was denied a tax exemption for part of its property after the Tennessee Board of Equalization determined the church’s bookstore and gymnasium were not […]

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In the World — January 20, 2013

By Christy Barritt   Montana Passes Parental Notification Law  Voters in Montana approved a law in November that requires parents to be notified if their underage daughter is receiving an abortion. Seventy percent of Montanans voted to pass Referendum 120. The law requires that abortionists notify parents 48 hours in advance before performing an abortion […]