The Church and Mental Illness

By Jacqueline J. Holness   During Easter weekend I watched The Undershepherd, a provocative movie about a minister whose power over his congregation and growing television ministry led him to morph from a man of God into a monster. The movie explored a number of cultural issues from abortion to eating disorders. One scene in […]

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Taking Christ to Work

By Jacqueline J. Holness   I love summer. I love hot, sunny weather. And even though we continue to work during the summer months, I love how Americans seem to loosen their collective ties and let the sunlight guide their attitudes.  That’s a good thing because, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest “American […]


Revisiting the “holy huddle”

By Jacqueline J. Holness   In my first essay for The Lookout, I stated that one of my goals for this column would be to challenge us to think outside of our “holy huddles.” I hope I have done that from writing about how the prosperity gospel could be appealing beyond the obvious reasons, to […]


When leaders fall

By Jacqueline J. Holness   When I heard recently that the author of one of my favorite Christian dating and marriage books was going through a divorce, I wondered if the relationship advice she dispensed in her book should be considered null and void. Then I started thinking about Christian leaders in general. In today’s […]

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Rethinking money management

By Jacqueline J. Holness   I don’t know about you, but I would rather think about doing unto my neighbor as I would have my neighbor do unto me than think about how I spend my money. Money management seems to be a personal and highly charged issue. But the truth is, the Bible contains […]