Bringing Beauty from Ashes

By Jamie Shafer Walking life’s journey can be difficult, especially when we go alone. We all need fellow travelers to join us. When our challenges disrupt the course of our everyday lives, it’s easy to feel lost and hopeless.  Katie Lindner, a Doctoral Psychology Intern at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, helps […]

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Community Impact

By Jamie Shafer In the Marketplace Faith column, we have the privilege of highlighting individuals whose everyday life is affected by their faith. Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Garet Prior, a city planner whose faith affects his everyday life—but also whose work affects how his faith translates into action. Garet grew up […]


Embracing Faith at School

By Jamie Shafer Over the past few decades, the public education system in America has removed many of the faith-related practices and terms from its programs. For Christians who remember a time when prayer took place in the classroom before lunch or when kids sang “Silent Night” at the annual Christmas program, these changes in […]


Rooted in Truth and Love

By Jamie Shafer “We are a family business, but we like to think of ourselves as a big family,” shared Bob Walker, President of Walker, a mower company based in Fort Collins, Colorado ( “We accomplish more by working together as a group. Each person brings his or her own gifts and abilities.” Now a […]

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 A Beautiful Mission

By Jamie Shafer “I never saw myself in this industry,” shared Sam Hills.It’s a special day for Sam, owner of High Five Salon ( in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is on his way to work, running errands as he gathers a few extra items for a birthday party. The salon is turning five years old today, […]