Making a Mosaic

By Jamie Shafer When it comes to careers, many convey their job in a sentence or sum it up in a simple title that fits neatly on a business card. For over a decade, Allison* has been helping bring life and personality to homeowners’ kitchens and bathrooms.  She shares with a smile, “I say I […]

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In His Image

By Jamie Shafer When we think of team building in a professional environment, our minds might be drawn to retreat activities that build trust or workshop sessions on organizational mission. But according to Allison Rhea, there can be so much value in learning about the individual personalities of the people who are working or volunteering […]

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Helping Others Find Their Way Home

By Jamie Shafer For many American families, owning a home seems like a far-off dream that will never become reality. Over the past 20 years, Robert Calvillo has been in the business of making these dreams come true. As executive director of Affordable Homes of South Texas (, Calvillo puts his years of corporate banking […]

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A Cup Overflowing

By Jamie Shafer Dave Baldwin said God has taught his family many lessons through the launch of Furnace Hills Coffee Company in Westminster, Maryland. One of these lessons is incorporated into their daily operations: “We’ve learned that every person has a special ability,” shared Dave. Dave and his daughter Erin, who has Down syndrome, partner […]

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Flickers of Hope

By Jamie Shafer Kate Walsh’s Peripeti Home candles make impressions wherever they go. Crafted from all-natural products, these fragrant, handmade candles even made it all the way to the media gift bags at the 2013 Emmy Awards and to the Celebrity Gift Lounge at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France. “It’s not something I […]