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Loving Scripture

By Javan Rowe   I love reading the Bible. Sounds like an obvious statement for a Christian to make, but it’s true. When I go through periods where I am unable to get into Scripture, I find myself yearning for it. What is it about the written Word that causes me to love it so […]

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Faith Wrestler

By Javan Rowe   I stared in amazement at the wrestler facing me, trying desperately to hide my fear. It was my first wrestling match ever, and I was convinced my opponent was completely insane. He stood on his line, growling and shaking like a caged animal waiting to be released. As soon as the […]

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The Forgiven

By Javan Rowe   I have heard it said that we are very forgiving people. This is evident when we see our heroes from sports or entertainment fall from grace and then work to get their lives back on track. The public tends to cheer them on and forgive their prior wrongs. Is this true […]

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Jesus’ Storyline

By Javan Rowe   When we purchase a highly anticipated novel, we would never read the introduction, skip to the end, and then claim to have thoroughly enjoyed the book. The story of Jesus is the same. As we consider Jesus’ vast importance, most of us think immediately of his death and resurrection; and perhaps […]

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Shrinking the Giant

By Javan Rowe   David placed the stone in his sling, righteous anger flowing through his veins. He swung the sling over his head and released a strap, causing the stone to hurl toward the giant. His first attempt was successful, as the rock found its target—Goliath’s forehead. The undefeatable giant was slain. I realize […]