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Wrath of God

By Javan Rowe The Old Testament God is angry and the New Testament God is nice. I don’t know how many times I have heard this sentiment, but is it a true portrayal of the God in Scripture? Old Testament Wrath We cannot deny that there are passages in the Old Testament that make us […]

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Jesus, Mighty God

By Javan Rowe It is obvious from observing many Christmas celebrators that they miss the true meaning of the holidays—Christ is not even a consideration. Believers also run the risk of not gaining all that they might from this joyous season because they forget perhaps the greatest description of Christ from Isaiah 9:6, where he […]

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Things My Children Teach Me

By Javan Rowe God refers to himself as our Father, indicating something vital and unique about the relationship between parent and child. This is highlighted in the Gospels, where we witness the special relationship between Father and Son, as Jesus is called the Son of God. Our relationships with our own children can be invaluable. […]

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Work Redeemed

By Javan Rowe Work is often viewed negatively, and perhaps rightly so. It can be stressful, tiring, or simply mind-numbing. Whether we have a white collar or blue collar job, work can often be drudgery. Is there a way to revitalize our concept of work with renewed thoughts to help us in the daily grind? […]

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Authentic Worship

By Javan Rowe   There is much confusion today in the area of worship. Many seem to believe worship simply involves standing at our seats during the church service, half-moving our lips to the songs being “performed.” Even when we sing out wholeheartedly, raising our hands to the heavens, the tendency is to swipe our […]