A Righteous Man

by Alan Dowd It’s odd that the Bible doesn’t tell us much about Joseph, the husband of Mary. After all, Jesus spent many—perhaps most—of his formative years with Joseph. In a patriarchal, male-dominated society like that of first-century Judea, we might expect more detail on this fill-in father figure. But the Joseph of the Gospels […]


Leading by Serving

by Eva Juliuson How would you feel if the president of the United States entered your living room, knelt beside your chair, slipped off your shoes, and tenderly washed your feet? What kind of a leader would do such a thing? The Son of God left his exalted position in Heaven to serve us. He […]


His Tent Spells Grace

by Steven Wyatt God, who is the Word, became flesh (John 1:14). John did not say Jesus became a man, although he clearly did. Neither did he say Jesus became human or took on a physical body (statements that are also true). Instead John used a much stronger term to describe how Jesus embraced humanity: […]


Don’t Pass Over the Passovers!

by Victor Knowles The Book of Leviticus is to many Christians what garden vegetables are to young children: unappreciated, yet vital to one’s health. Yet only in Leviticus do we discover—in chronological order no less—”the seven feasts of the Lord.” The Hebrew word for “feast” means “appointed times.” The feasts were “holy convocations” (Leviticus 23:2, […]