The Lesson and Life

By John Russell  To impress the point upon brides and grooms, I have often opened wedding ceremonies with a reminder that marriage is not a contract designed by the state but a covenant promise ordained by God, and therefore sacred. Love is not an emotion—it is an act of the will. No one “falls in […]

The Lesson and Life for October 9

By John Russell  While America has its share of brilliant and highly placed students, ACT scores of high school students continue to decline overall. The debate and finger pointing continue, but the evidence seems clear. (This has become such a well known problem that comedian Argus Hamilton claims over 85 percent of high school students […]

lesson & life

The Lesson and Life for October 2

by John Russell While conducting a seminar for married couples, radio personality Dr. James Dobson drew a simple illustration on a white board representing a normal pattern of a relationship with a line showing highs and lows. He was emphasizing the need for balance amid life’s circumstances and depicting how life isn’t a neatly designed […]