Small Group Questions

Where you Live for June 12, 2011

1. What was the most energized and unified group or team you were ever a part of? What made it so strong and courageous? Read Joshua 1:7-18. 2. Few groups or organizations can sustain energized unity over a long period of time. What helped the Israelites come together to occupy the land after being in […]

The Lesson and Life

The Lesson and Life for June 12, 2011

by Steve Reeves Twenty seven years ago my wife gave birth in a hallway between the labor and the delivery rooms. Birth is a time of transition. That baby born in 1984 is now serving in full-time ministry with the same congregation I serve. In Joshua 1, Moses’ leadership gives way to the leadership of […]

Small Group Questions

Where You Live for June 5, 2011

by Dan Lentz 1. An old saying suggests, “You can’t win them all. You have to choose your battles.” What battles have you chosen to fight in the past in your: • home? • workplace or school? • church or small group? Read Joshua 1:1-6; 11:16-23. 2. Put yourself in Joshua’s position. If the Lord […]