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Trust: Lessons from the Widow’s Mite

By Joyce Long It’s one of my treasured possessions, but I rarely wear it. A gift from my daughter, it’s a one-half inch flattened circle secured by a four-prong rim, now hanging on a nine-inch silver chain. Corrosion has darkened and mashed its engraving. The necklace’s “stone” is actually the smallest, least valuable coin minted […]

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Empowering Extraordinary Adults

By Joyce Long “Charlene needs to work with them like she needs to breathe.” A few years ago while we walked toward the Jesus Friendship Club classroom at Mount Pleasant Christian Church (MPCC) in Greenwood, Indiana, David Guthrie explained his wife’s passion to teach adults with disabilities. A former administrator at RISE Learning Center in […]

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Confessions of a People Pleaser

By Joyce Long After grabbing two granola bars and my purse, I literally pushed my 10-year-old daughter out the door. “Get in the minivan, NOW!” “But Mom, these shoes don’t fit.” “It doesn’t matter. We’re late! Besides you won’t need to stand much.” Valerie looked pretty in her pale blue dress tied with a big […]

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Eternity Beckons: Mom’s Journey Home

By Joyce Long Darkness enveloped the bedroom as the phone’s blast interrupted our deep sleep. My husband handed me the phone. “Your mother has aspirated again. Her blood pressure is 50 over 30. You need to come to the hospital now!” the nurse said. “What?” I could barely decipher the digital 2:15 a.m. on the […]