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Prescription for Shame

By Karen Wingate One look. One word. That’s all it takes to know someone else knows. One nanosecond for shame to envelop your soul like a smothering blanket. I felt that way. I was in a rush and not paying attention. Hoping to catch the next city bus in less than 10 minutes, I steered […]

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The Real Freedom Fighters

By Karen Wingate Join any July 4 celebration in the United States and you’ll soon hear the words freedom and liberty. Yet in our current culture it’s easy to wonder what kind of freedom the men who drafted the Declaration of Independence had in mind. Freedom to do what? Freedom from what? The Pilgrims, the […]

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Social Media Bible Study

By Karen Wingate My friend Linda Hulse posted this observation about Facebook: “If you are a gossip, you use Facebook to gossip. It’s what you do. If you are one who complains, you use Facebook to complain. It’s what you do. If you are a follower of Christ, you use Facebook to spread the gospel. […]

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Small But Mighty

By Karen Wingate The ground swelled beneath me as my plane descended toward the Moline, Illinois, airport. Looking out the oval window, I saw a patchwork landscape dotted with clusters of trees and buildings that represented small towns tucked between corn and soybean fields. After living in Western Illinois for several years, I knew each […]

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Faith or Worry?

By Karen Wingate Worry has a way of playing tug-of-war with our faith. My faith was at a standstill. A Christian for more than 30 years, I thought my belief in Christ was strong, even impenetrable. Growth is a natural process of our relationship with God, but I had become lax, content to go through […]