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The ICOM Challenge

By Karen Wingate   “Are you a missionary?” The question hung in the air between me and the Honduran owner of a Hispanic import store where I was shopping with my family. I had just told her how I left my hometown years ago and lived all over the country after marrying a minister. Her […]

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Creation Ministries: Spreading the Word

By Karen Wingate   John Clayton, former president of an atheistic association, used to ridicule preachers for their views on the origins of the earth. While he took glee in discovering they often didn’t know why they believed in God, Clayton secretly hoped they wouldn’t ask certain questions he couldn’t answer.  Determined to prove them […]

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The Heart of Worship

By Karen Wingate   The Melk Abbey, a 15th century monastery nestled in Austria’s Danube River Valley, is the most beautiful church building I have ever seen. As I toured its interior, I was astonished to see marble, gold, inlaid wood, frescos, and carvings splashed across the inside of the church as if money were […]

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My House Is Your House

By Karen Wingate   Years ago, the word hospitality instantly put a knot in my stomach. To me, hospitality was serving a gourmet meal to a houseful of guests I invited to my clean and uncluttered home. With two small children, a smaller budget, and a lack of talent in the art of small talk, […]

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Wonderful Words

By Karen Wingate   Committed to reading through the Bible in one year, my speed reading skidded to a screeching halt one hot July morning when my eyes caught Psalm 119:97. Did the writer say love? Wasn’t affection for law an emotion reserved only for law students and political science majors? Desperate to catch up […]