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Offering Light and Hope

By Kim Wright Depression has such a stigma attached to it, especially within the body of the church. I am not a counselor or psychologist. What I am is one who has dealt with depression from two points of view—the depressed and the parent of one struggling. I have gone to counseling and been treated […]

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OVERWHELMED & underjoyed

By Kim Wright It had been a rough few months. We bought a fixer-upper to work on, my hubby had a major job change, the grandmother who raised me passed away, and some considerable teenage rebellion was going on—all within the span of a couple of weeks. With the heartbreak and fallout that followed, I […]

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In My Opinion

By Kim Wright We all think thoughts. We all have opinions. There are the deeper, more theological thoughts: Premillennial, postmillennial or amillennial? What age to baptize? Weekly communion? Then there are these for which we have a presupposition: Pews or seats? Add a service or crowd in? Hire him? Hire her? Take away Sunday school? […]