Opening Doors for the Gospel

By Laura McKillip Wood Germany always interested Larry and Teri Lewis. Their ancestors came from Germany, and Larry was stationed there in the military. When they visited Berlin on a short-term mission trip, they felt intrigued by the unique work of an organization called Open Door Libraries. The work impressed them so much that they […]

Peace Corps First Day Issue Stamp

A World of Opportunity

Laura McKillip Wood Every November when she was a child, Rebecca Monnier and her family helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter in her hometown near Omaha, Nebraska. “While this was really small, it opened my eyes to the world outside of the one I was used to, and I really believe that sparked […]


Diving In

By Laura McKillip Wood Jim Bettison grew up in a family he describes as “churchgoers but not Christians.” The year he graduated from high school, First Christian Church of Florissant built their new church building in his neighborhood, and his parents started attending. After high school, Jim joined the Navy. As he puts it, “I […]


Helping Orphans Succeed

By Laura McKillip Wood Gentleness isn’t a concept many of the children Orphan Helpers works with have experienced. Raised in difficult family environments, surrounded by drug abuse, poverty, and violence, many of the children and teenagers in El Salvador and Honduras that Orphan Helpers reaches are incarcerated in juvenile detention centers or have been placed […]


Patience in Process

By Laura McKillip Wood Jeff and Michele Royce know a little about patience. They began their life together as missionaries to Botswana with an organization called Flying Mission. In those early years, they dreamed of having children to add to their family. When fulfillment of that dream took longer than they hoped it would, they […]