Woven Together

By Laura McKillip Wood The story of Tom, Ryan, and Maggie* spans three continents and many years. Tom Tom’s story started when he worked as a missionary in Latin America. He noticed the churches already there often thought of themselves more as recipients of missionary work than missionaries. They relied heavily on outside support. As […]


Community Change Brings Life Change

By Laura McKillip Wood Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Denford Chizanga began his education in a rural area of the country but completed secondary school in Harare, the capital city. He apprenticed as an electrical engineer and was about to embark in his career when he felt a call from God to begin studying and […]

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Eradicating Spiritual Poverty

By Laura McKillip Wood Nathan Davenport began his ministry working at a Christian college, where he coordinated international mission trips, worked with students’ spiritual formation, and organized service learning for the student body. Despite his love for the students and for his work, he began to feel the Holy Spirit directing his attention to the […]


At Home and Abroad

By Laura McKillip Wood Dr. Chip Anderson moved to Costa Rica to work with Latin America Mission (LAM) in 1982. Ten years later, LAM began an urban outreach called Christ for the City. By 1995, Christ for the City had grown so much that LAM decided to spin it off as its own missions agency, […]


Follow Your Calling

By Laura McKillip Wood Phil and Michelle Parker met in the cafeteria at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee. Phil had just transferred there and didn’t know many people yet. Both he and Michelle arrived late to dinner and saw each other for the first time in the food line. He invited her to sit with […]