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Churches That Support

By Marvin Garrison   Handling snakes, dining on ethnic foods, playing driveway basketball with 50-year missionary veterans, learning to eat with chopsticks, meeting people from faraway places, spending time one-on-one with missionary warriors . . . These are only a few of the adventures Doug experienced through the Hi-Plains School of Missions. Doug’s parents were […]

The Lesson and Life — for July 29

By Marvin Garrison    Judges do not rule simply for their own pleasure or from their own opinion. They must be governed by law and guided by God. So it is that all must “consider carefully what you do” (2 Chronicles 19:6), for God is the ultimate judge of all. God’s call through this lesson […]

The Lesson and Life — July 22, 2012

By Marvin Garrison    Three things are in play in today’s lesson: natural disasters, economic hardship, and God’s miraculous provision. These call for empathy, compassion, and sharing from God’s people.    Natural Disasters Our world is not immune to natural disasters. We may have lived through a disaster or know someone who has. Perhaps we […]

The Lesson and Life — July 8, 2012

By Marvin Garrison    From humble beginnings David was “exalted by the Most High” and “anointed by the God of Jacob.” We marvel that God grabbed him out of the pasture to be king of Israel. We marvel that God calls us out of the hay fields or kitchens or offices to serve him. Like […]


The Lesson and Life — July 1, 2012

By Marvin Garrison   Boxes are an intricate part of life. There are gift boxes, pillboxes, storage boxes, toy boxes, and toolboxes. In baseball there is the batter’s box, the coach’s box, and box seats. In basketball it’s the “box and one” defense. Hockey has its penalty box. For the golfer it’s the tee box. […]