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NACC: Is It for You?

By Marcy Levering   The words North American Christian Convention conjure up many different emotions in the hearts of people who hear them. Some may think it’s a time for spiritual refreshment and magnificent praise services. Others may think reunion or road trip. Workshops, exhibits, networking, Bible Bowl, college receptions, shopping for church resources, and […]

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Victory Is Ours

By Bob Stacy   “I wish I could experience the Christian life as others do.” “Why can’t I get excited about living for Jesus?” “I pray that someday I’ll have the joy that I see in others.” “Jesus promised abundant life, but I don’t feel like I’m living an abundant life.” I’ve heard statements like these […]

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Victorious Churches

By Phil Claycomb   “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” A mentor shared this insight with me years ago. He wanted me to look beyond my problems to see the potential. David needed only a stone (and God!) to handle Goliath. The sentiment of the statement assumes that in Christ we can do […]

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To Win Is to Honor Him

By Kelly Carr   Sometimes it’s the day-to-day accomplishments that keep us going. After three days of work, you place the report on your boss’s desk. After all day cleaning, you put the last piece of laundry away. You take your Chariots of Fire moment—striding in slow motion, wind blowing your hair back, the famous […]

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Refreshing One Another

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   What makes the hard times tolerable? I don’t mean the heartbreaking trials nothing can make good. I’m talking about those more than mild but less than terrible times we constantly face: things like receptions, yard work, and committees.  One thing makes such times bearable: refreshments! Meetings at work are […]