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Mothers, Sisters, and Friends

By Pati Page Perhaps it is the season of life I am in—the time in between. My daughters are young adults well on their journey. My parents struggle through the trials that come with old age. It is a time that draws a special interest in reflection. I’m reaching for the baton and preparing to […]

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Defeating the Enemies of Joy

By Pati Page Unexpected thieves seek to steal a precious gift purchased for us. They hover just below the surface of a smile. They embed themselves in the secret places of our hearts and entwine themselves in our thoughts. Their assault on the soul is subtle but damaging. Left unchecked, they leave us weighed down […]

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Naomi: Faith Amid Trial

By Pati Page There is a mystery in suffering—a hidden truth that is only unveiled when the wounds of affliction find their purpose in a sovereign God. How do we, as God’s children, come to understand that the bitter herbs of today’s trials can become the sweet fragrances of tomorrow’s blessings?  There is a lesson […]