Divine Dialogue

By Vicki Edwards   Through prayer we have the amazing privilege of speaking with the Author of Life, the Creator of the Cosmos, the Designer of DNA. We were not created to live independently from God, but to live in complete dependence and in constant communion with him. Honesty Before God I have spent much […]


The Privilege of Prayer

By Sandy Quandt Prayer is a privilege. We should not take it lightly, nor should we neglect it. Prayer is a tool. It is used to take our praises, requests, thanksgiving, and repentance before the throne of God. Prayer is a lifestyle. It should become as natural to us as breathing. Prayer Is a Privilege […]


The Prayers of Jesus

By Victor Knowles When I was a young Christian I sometimes wondered, Why did Jesus take time to pray? Wasn’t he the Son of God? Didn’t he say that his Father had given him ‘all power’? Couldn’t he heal the sick and raise the dead? If that was true, and it was, why would Jesus spend […]

Praying for More Workers

Praying for More Workers

by Eva Juliuson Recently our church heard a report from a husband and wife team we support who have been missionaries to Brazil for over 17 years. It is always exciting to hear what God is doing in other countries. My husband and I serve on our church mission team, so we have heard many […]

It Starts with Trust

It Starts with Trust

by Simon Presland “In God we trust.” This familiar quote is imprinted on our coins and monetary bills, a constant reminder that God is truly Jehovah Jireh, our provider. Yet there is an ongoing movement to remove these words from our currency. Indeed, the movement aims to remove all references to God from public forums. […]