Sabbath Rest and Labor Day

by David Timms This Labor Day weekend matters. For sports fans it signals the start of the National Football League and the college football season. Historically, this national holiday dates back to 1894 when Congress hurriedly passed a law in the wake of the infamous Pullman Strike during which 13 railroad workers died at the […]


Where’s the Fire?

by Tammy Darling When I was a child, running through the hallways of my house, my mother would often stop me and ask, “Where’s the fire?” Her attempt to get me to slow down lasted only a short while before I was off and running again. Although I’m no longer running through my house, I […]


Sabbath Rest Today

by Jerran Jackson Pat was concerned. Her Bible study leader mentioned that since we live under Christ’s new covenant, we are not bound by the Ten Commandments. Pat didn’t like the sound of that. She had been taught the Ten Commandments from childhood. Moreover, Pat wanted to hold on to the Sabbath commandment to convince […]