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Is This, Then, How You Should Pray?

By Riane Konc We were in the middle of family prayer when the phone rang. My youngest brother—then probably 5 years old—jumped out of his chair and went to answer it. We had a rule about not answering the phone during prayer, but, as I’m sure I rolled my eyes about then and still do […]

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Returning to Narnia

By Riane Konc The first time I read The Chronicles of Narnia, I was 6 years old. Until I reread it as an adult, I forgot almost everything about the plot. I just recall knowing that the series was much longer than the books that most of my first grade peers were reading, and so […]

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The Love of Dog

By Riane Konc I’m a cat person. I didn’t become a cat person until I was 22, but when it hit, it hit hard. My family had animals when I was growing up: a dog, a couple of bunnies, and a series of cats whose unexpected euthanizations always happened to be scheduled while I was […]

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Called to Return

By Riane Konc   “The needs around the world are so significant that you should go unless you are called to stay”—that’s the message Giles and Debbie Davis always gave their youth ministry students about international mission work. Then, after 15 years of being called to stay, Giles and Debbie heard the clear call: Go. […]