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Holiness: Seeing God Rightly

By Rick Ezell You’ve heard the saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Have we become too familiar with God? Have we become so aware of God that we no longer see him in his grandeur, his majesty, his power, and his awesomeness? It’s like seeing the ocean. For those who go to the beach often, the ocean […]

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Connecting to the Life Source

By Rick Ezell Vineyards during Jesus’ time were common and have always been central to Israel’s agriculture and economy. In fact the grapevine was the emblem of Israel, much like the bald eagle is for America. Grapes appeared on coins during the intertestamental period between Malachi and Matthew. At the time of Jesus, a golden […]

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Mending Broken Lives

By Rick Ezell Brokenness is defined as fractured into pieces, sundered, weakened, crushed by grief, out of order. Have you ever felt that way? Do you know what it means to be broken? Broken People Are the Rule, Not the Exception We think that brokenness will never happen to good, honest, hardworking people. To believe […]


Conquering Complaining

By Rick Ezell I was at lunch with Bill, a friend, when Jon sat down at our table. Uninvited, I might add. Jon began to dominate the conversation. He whined about the weather. He criticized the waiter’s service. And when he tasted the food, he went into a full rant about how horrible it was. […]

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God Uses Ordinary People

By Rick Ezell Have you ever noticed that God seems most interested in people who are unpretentious—those who are hopeless, those who have their share of desperation and defeat, those who are flawed and wounded, those whom most of the world has given up on, those with nowhere to turn? God seems to have a […]