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The Heart of Holiness

By Rick Ezell What we think about God may be the most important thoughts we have. Do we have small and inaccurate thoughts about God? Have we become too casual with God? Has familiarity bred contempt? Do we no longer see God in his grandeur, his majesty, his power, his awesomeness?  “Holy is the way […]

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How to Discover Gold in Bible Study

By Rick Ezell Imagine living in the mid 1800s and hearing that gold has been discovered. You travel west. Everyone is saying, “There’s gold in them there hills.” You saddle your horse, riding into the mountains. You soon realize that if gold resides in the hills, it’s not resting on the ground for easy picking. […]

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Seven Ways to Manage Stress

By Rick Ezell   Anne Marie, age 34, a manager with a large food distribution company, complained to her doctor about increasing headaches, sleep disturbance, irritability, indigestion, and difficulty concentrating. After a thorough examination, the doctor found no physical cause for Anne Marie’s symptoms.  He asked about her daily routine. She responded, “I’m up at […]

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Marriage Maintenance

By Rick Ezell   A young minister was to perform his first wedding ceremony. Fearing he might forget something, he sought counsel from an older minister. The experienced man told the young minister everything he needed to do and made one final suggestion: “If you ever forget what you are supposed to say, just quote […]


The Empty Nest Crisis

By Rick Ezell   After Bill and Jane saw Jessica through four years at the local university, she now was ready to journey into the next chapter of her life—a job in another state, many miles from home. Jane and Jessica had been inseparable as mother and daughter. Now, for the first time in 22 […]