We Get to Carry Each Other

By Sean Palmer I break out in cold sweats when I think of 2004. What should have been a great year turned like milk left on the counter overnight. My first daughter was born in November 2003. She was our miracle. Six years earlier, before my wife, Rochelle, and I married, doctors told us that […]


Not So Black and White

By Sean Palmer & John Alan Turner Today we are listening in to Sean Palmer and John Alan Turner on their podcast Not So Black and White, where they examine contemporary issues in light of the church. Sean is a minister, speaker, and author in Temple, Texas. John is a church leadership consultant, author, and […]


Do You Distrust Rest?

By Sean Palmer It’s late. Not terribly late, but later than I’d normally find myself waiting for my French Press to deliver me a new pot of freshly ground attentiveness. I only drink two beverages—water and coffee—and since coffee is mostly water, I have, in my view, the healthiest drinking habits in the world. I’m […]

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Scared to Death of Death

By Sean Palmer In the middle of Vacation Bible School, I got the news that Sue had died. That night I was supposed to act in a skit. I hate skits. However, I would have preferred to be in the skit than to visit a grieving family who had just lost a wife, a mother, […]