Humility—No Options

by David Timms Johannes Brahms, the nineteenth century German composer and pianist, enjoyed great popularity. On one occasion he met an ardent music lover who asked, “Master, would you please write here a small portion of a masterpiece and sign it so I can have a precious memory of this fortunate encounter?” Brahms took the […]


Leading by Serving

by Eva Juliuson How would you feel if the president of the United States entered your living room, knelt beside your chair, slipped off your shoes, and tenderly washed your feet? What kind of a leader would do such a thing? The Son of God left his exalted position in Heaven to serve us. He […]


Greatness in Serving

by Naomi Cassata My most memorable lesson in servanthood came years ago when I was just a teenager. My mom and I were walking through the parking lot of a grocery store. It was the middle of summer, which meant it was extremely hot and humid—typical Florida weather. My mom noticed an older woman sitting […]

Be like Jesus – The Uniform Lesson for May 1

by Sam E. Stone This week’s topic concludes the unit, “Reasons for Praise.” We have been reminded to “remember Christ” and “remember the warnings” (of Scripture) as we “praise the Lord” and “go and tell.” In the following weeks we will look at John’s vision of worship (in the book of Revelation). Paul’s epistle to […]


Living a Life Unleashed for God

by Karen O’Conner “Grammy, want to hear me play the Charlie Brown tune?” I nodded. “Of course.” My seven-year-old grandson Miles is taking piano lessons and he is passionate about it. No embarrassment about being a beginner and no reluctance about performing. He slid onto the piano bench in his living room and tapped just […]