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Godly Character: The Fragrance of Christ

By Simon Presland A quick search on Amazon shows that almost 140,000 books have been written on the topic of leadership with more on the subject coming out each year. Whether it’s a church, business, or home, an organization rises and falls with its leadership. When discussing leadership, we might think of words like authoritative, […]

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Repairer of the Breach

By Simon Presland I sat on my second-hand couch in the tiny apartment I had rented, trying to make sense of my new world, the sound of the ticking clock on the mantle my only company. “Funny,” I said aloud. “There was a time when all I wanted was a little peace and quiet.” Looking […]

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Dealing with Difficult People

By Simon Presland A twig of a lady, Tracey* smiles generously whenever she greets someone in the halls of our church. After she started attending, my wife, Trish, and I soon noticed her helping to prepare communion. Then we found her on Monday evenings, ready to give food and snacks to the hungry students who […]

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How to Help Friends Who Doubt

By Simon Presland My friend’s father died in his arms. “Where is God?” he asked me in the days and weeks that followed. Several people I know have lost their jobs for extended periods of time. “Where is God?” was their constant refrain. Over the last couple of years, a few couples in our congregation […]

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Handling Conflict in a Healthy Manner

By Simon Presland Conflict. Just the mention of the word sends shivers down our spines. Images of yelling, screaming, and fighting come to mind. People will do almost anything to avoid a conflict. But conflict is part of everyday life. Jesus put it this way: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! […]