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The Power of Choice

By Simon Presland    Shock. Disappointment. Anger. Frustration. Depression. Grief. A sense of normalcy, then right back in the pit again. God, why did you let this happen? What did I do wrong to be punished this way? Will this heartache ever end? God, where are you? My friend, Denise, experienced these emotions and feelings […]

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Marriage Made in Heaven

By Simon Presland   God intended marriage to be a joyous and sacred union for all couples, but even more so for Christians. For believers, marriage is a representation of Christ’s relationship to the church—he is our husband and we are his bride. We also know that maintaining a “heavenly” marriage requires work, and the […]

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Understanding the Real You

By Simon Presland   John is easygoing. Sue loves to be the center of attention. People call Fred “Mr. Reliable.” Pete is a driven perfectionist. Sally seems to have a sixth sense about predicting problems. I’m sure you know people like these. In fact, you probably know many people who are defined by consistent traits, […]


I’ll Be Here for You

By Simon Presland   Josephine, 56, reaches out her hand. “Come on TerriAnn. It’s time for your breathing treatment.”  The two walk together with Josephine—or Jo as she’s often called—leading the way and TerriAnn duck waddling down the hall toward her bedroom. TerriAnn has cerebral palsy and brain stem dysfunction caused by premature birth, as […]