Portrait of two middle age women sitting at office park while on coffee break. Businesswomen relaxing while drinking coffee and chatting with each other.

The Labor of Listening

By Sylvia Schroeder “Hello, is anyone home?” I want to ask my husband while he sits in silence. His thumbs move on the screen of his phone making a click-click during our conversation. He concentrates with such fervor, his brows almost touch. “Hello, is anyone home?” I just hate it when I know that someone […]

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Generations: God’s Legacy

By Sylvia Schroeder The car doors slam, and we slide into opposite sides. We look at one another, then sit silently and think over the last hour. The question comes again: “Will we be like that?” As our car heads home, my husband and I add to our verbal inventory for our future. We talk […]

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Hold on to Jesus

By Sylvia Schroeder   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cloud of witnesses from Hebrews 12. I can almost see it. I picture a real cloud enveloping millions of great people of faith who have gone before us. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses . . . […]