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Faithful to the True King

By Terry MacCabe   Faithfulness was once a virtue demonstrated in most every aspect of life. A generation or two ago companies and employees generally felt a strong sense of commitment toward one another. If employees consistently put in an honest day’s work, they could expect the company to provide them with employment for life. […]

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A Psalm of Thanksgiving

By Terry MacCabe   I’d like to introduce you to my favorite psalm of thanks. I say “introduce” because I suspect that if I asked you to guess which one I am thinking of, you would make 150 guesses and still not come up with it. How can this be, you wonder, when the book […]

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Taking Christ to the City

By Terry MacCabe   A Facebook friend recently posted, “How can we worship with a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday?” It was one of those posts I wanted to comment on, but didn’t want to make waves with a friend (who, like most of my Facebook friends, I don’t know well). […]

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Setting Healthy Boundaries in the Workplace

By Terry MacCabe   A friend who works in a government office recently told me about an experience he had at work. A few months after arriving at his office a woman had launched harassment charges against several male coworkers.  My friend was transferred shortly thereafter, but a few months later received a phone call […]

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What the Bible Says about Demons

By Terry MacCabe   We’re strangely fascinated by the supernatural. Over the past decade a number of television programs have been produced depicting beneficial relationships between angels and humans. Hollywood has also given us several glimpses into mankind’s perspective on what we would hope angels are like. Sometimes these angels are on earth to serve […]