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Keys to Contentment

By Terry MacCabe    I like stuff. You’re probably a lot like me in that respect. What’s more, I like nice stuff. In fact, the nicer the stuff, the more I tend to like it. It often doesn’t matter if I need the stuff; if it’s desirable in any way, I just want it. But […]

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Making Marriage Meaningful

By Terry MacCabe   When I was 18 I joined a cross-country speaking tour that visited public schools, churches, and community centers challenging young people to honor God with their bodies by living a chaste lifestyle. Living a chaste lifestyle simply means abstaining from sex before marriage and living monogamously after marriage. It was a […]


Passing the Baton

by Terry MacCabe Ministry in the local church can be hard. Every Monday morning in America thousands of heavy hearted, worn out ministers draft resignation letters. Some of these letters get delivered, some get shelved, and thankfully many are discarded. Young preachers are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. Having graduated from Bible college […]