The blessings of sovereignty

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen When we hear the word sovereign we think in terms of authority, control, and power. We call kings sovereigns and autonomous states sovereignties. But even kings and countries have limitations. No earthly king has ever overruled the human lifespan. History repeatedly confirms the fleeting power of nations and the […]

The best policy

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen When it comes to honest communication, God leaves no wiggle room. “Do not lie. Do not deceive one another” (Leviticus 19:11), he commanded the Israelites. Paul warned the church, “Do not lie to each other” (Colossians 3:9). Even so, we seem to find ways to practice deceit that, if […]

Praying with a firm faith

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen An elderly Christian minister was asked what he would do differently if he had his life to live over. He replied, “I would study more and pray less.” He wasn’t downplaying prayer. He was advocating the careful study of God’s Word—a discipline that filters our prayers. Sometimes we make […]

The doorway of discipleship

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen The neighborhood where my brother and I grew up was filled with boys of a similar age. When the weather permitted we played outdoors with abandon—valiant commanders leading our armies in epic struggles, cowboys and Indians vying for control of the wild west, or famous explorers mapping dangerous and […]