The Lesson and Life — May 27, 2012

By Ben Cachiaras    I had never been with someone at the brink of death. But now, as a young minister, I gently cradled the hand of a dear woman who was about to breathe her last. Stroking the ribbed veins on the back of her hand, I listened to her labored breathing and waited […]

The Lesson and Life — May 20, 2012

By Ben Cachiaras    In the 1983 film A Christmas Story, a precocious boy named Ralphie is haunted on his daily trek from school by a big, mean bully named Scott Farcus. He lurks in alleyways, terrorizing the younger members of the neighborhood by taunting, chasing, and worst of all, twisting their arms behind their […]

The Lesson and Life–April 15, 2012

By Alan Ahlgrim    Toleration is the trademark of our time. Teachers are expected to tolerate the disrespect of their students. Parents are even expected to tolerate the disobedience of their children. Everyone is supposed to tolerate the immorality of the popular culture.   Culture Contradicting Jesus contradicted his culture with an open expression of […]

The Lesson and Life–November 13, 2011

By Bob Stacy   “Mommy won’t love you if you do that.” “I’ll love you if you love me and do what you ought to do.” Perhaps you’ve heard such statements. Or perhaps you’ve made such statements. In each case, the kind of love spoken of is not the love God desires that we have […]

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The Lesson and Life for March 27

by Becky Ahlberg Have you seen experts on TV analyzing people’s body language? It’s become quite an art. What did the use of hands, a raised eyebrow, or eye contact really communicate? It can get a little goofy, until you stop to realize that how we communicate is as important as what we communicate. What […]