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You Are Not Your Depression

By Tim Sweetman Cowering in the dark. Lying in the bed unable to get up. Desperate thoughts. Tears.  Just saying the word depression can feel like we’ve been thrown into a cold, damp, dark room with little hope of escaping.  That word might as well be described as dead weight walking. I’ve been there, I […]

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Through the Lens

By Tim Sweetman All images in this post © Innovatory Photography Photographers Joe and Amanda Porter develop new art every day as they capture snapshots of radiant brides and tearful grooms. For those of us who get to experience those photos later, we can’t help but relive the moment and take part in their creative […]

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Books that Changed My Life

By Tim Sweetman It remains amazing that the simple pages of our books instantly grant us access to a whole new world. It’s earth-shaking how the combination of paper, ink, and imagination come together to form something that’s simply difficult to describe. The experiences found in many books are so deep, it often does feel […]