Living in Goodness, Truth, and Love: Third John

By David Timms   Of all the New Testament documents—27 total—John’s third letter is the shortest. Comprising 219 words in the original Greek, it fills just one page. It doesn’t mention Christ, faith, salvation, sin, or the second coming. It’s not a sermon, nor a doctrinal defense against heresy. It contains no intricate theology. Instead, […]

The purpose of art part five: meaning and truth

Christians and Culture by Dr. Charlie W. Starr Art is meant to entertain, give pleasure, and offer fun. It also shows beauty (that’s part of the pleasure it gives) and sometimes that beauty points to the glory of God. Art reaches us through imagination, showing us things rather than telling us—putting us through experiences that […]

lesson & life

The Lesson and Life for February 13

by Dr. Don Young How frequently do you leave the worship service on Sunday morning feeling overwhelmed by the experience? How often do your worship experiences leave you speechless? Now you get a glimpse of what Peter must have found himself facing on the Mount of Transfiguration when he was completely at a loss for […]

The best policy

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen When it comes to honest communication, God leaves no wiggle room. “Do not lie. Do not deceive one another” (Leviticus 19:11), he commanded the Israelites. Paul warned the church, “Do not lie to each other” (Colossians 3:9). Even so, we seem to find ways to practice deceit that, if […]