The Legend of VBS

By Kelly Carr   Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a beautiful kingdom. Living in that kingdom were many children who had been given special gifts. Although a Great King created and watched over the kingdom and even gave these children their gifts, many of the young ones knew him […]


Tag! You’re It!

By Robb Faust   “Tag! You’re it!” The sound of kids playing in the backyard is one of my favorite things about living in a neighborhood. In an age of handheld games, iPods, and iPhones, the kids in our community still enjoy getting together outside for fun, sports, and even a game of tag. When […]


Lasting value

By Shawn McMullen   It’s one of the most unattractive items in our kitchen, but we continue to use it. We have our reasons. Soon to enter its fifth decade of service, the napkin holder was crafted (and I use the term loosely) in the mid 1960s from a bottle of dishwashing detergent. I was […]


To Change a Life

By Sarah Van Horn   What does it take to change a life? Change a church? Change a community? As Christians, we tend to think big, planning big events for big people with big spiritual impact. Try thinking smaller.   Starting with the Smallest People  Start with the smallest people in your church. Most people […]