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The Process of Forgiveness

By Vicki Edwards   “Let it go.”  That was it: the sum total of my husband’s advice on dealing with the betrayal of a friend. I could hear his words. I knew he was right, but I did not have a clue about getting to that place. Of course I know that forgiveness is at […]


The 3G Family

By Vicki Edwards   My daughter and her husband moved back home after she had earned her bachelor’s degree to mitigate the debt they would incur while in graduate school. She was aware there was a stigma to living with her folks. She joked that she would tell her friends she was moving home to […]

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Another Look at Healing

By Vicki Edwards   When flu season hits, we pay attention to hand washing, vitamin popping, and other simple methods to enhance our immune system or minimize our exposure to nasty microorganisms. While this is appropriate, God’s Word tells us there are spiritual precautions and remedies for physical health as well.  Why do Christians get […]


Divine Dialogue

By Vicki Edwards   Through prayer we have the amazing privilege of speaking with the Author of Life, the Creator of the Cosmos, the Designer of DNA. We were not created to live independently from God, but to live in complete dependence and in constant communion with him. Honesty Before God I have spent much […]