The Apollos factor

Another Look by David Faust   Do you know someone like Apollos? Though not a major character in the New Testament, Apollos was an impressive fellow. From his story we can learn how to respond to others who have the potential to be fruitful followers of Christ. Acts 18:24 says, “Meanwhile a Jew named Apollos, […]

A privileged life

Christians and Culture Dr. Tim Woodroof I have lived a privileged life, cocooned from the harsher realities of existence by education, opportunity, giftedness, and (relative) wealth. Few of my struggles have been “life-threatening.” Rarely have my wrestlings involved survival. A troublesome church member or two, certainly. The chaffings of traditions and the inefficiencies of church […]

Small Group Questions

Where You Live for January 16

by Dan Lentz 1. Draw lines on a sheet of paper that approximate a bingo card—five boxes wide by five boxes high. Write one phrase in each of the 25 boxes. Here are some examples to get you started: birthday in January, plays a musical instrument, likes pizza with pineapple, born in another state, looks […]

The Lesson and Life

The Lesson and Life for January 16

by Byron Davis Two suspicious packages were found on U.S. bound cargo flights from Yemen, triggering searches of other cargo flights that had landed in the U.S. and prompting an investigation into whether al-Qaida was behind a new terror plot. Another news headline during this same period stated, “Suicide Bomber Kills 11 North of Baghdad.” […]

The doorway of discipleship

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen The neighborhood where my brother and I grew up was filled with boys of a similar age. When the weather permitted we played outdoors with abandon—valiant commanders leading our armies in epic struggles, cowboys and Indians vying for control of the wild west, or famous explorers mapping dangerous and […]