Day by Day with the Bible

Day by Day —Week of January 2

Day 1 Matthew 1:1–17 Acts 1:1–11 Psalm 1 Genesis 1, 2 Day 2 Matthew 1:18–25 Acts 1:12–26 Psalm 2 Genesis 3, 4 Day 3 Matthew 2:1–12 Acts 2:1–21 Psalm 3 Genesis 5—8 Day 4 Matthew 2:13–23 Acts 2:22–47 Psalm 4 Genesis 9—11 Day 5 Matthew 3:1–12 Acts 3 Psalm 5 Genesis 12—14 Day 6 Matthew […]

Numbering our days

Another Look by David Faust Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12). Monday mornings can be tough. You see it in the eyes of business leaders as they head back to the office. You sense it in your kids as they brace themselves for another […]

Less stress and more joy

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas My wife and I are under a lot of stress. There seem to be more and more demands and difficulties piling up lately. We aren’t ready to throw in the towel; we just want to enjoy life more. How can we make life as a couple satisfying again? […]

Small Group Questions

Where You Live for January 9

by Dan Lentz 1. List at least one thing you hope to accomplish in the next: • month • six months • 12 months Read Isaiah 45:14-25. 2. Use some recent news headlines (bring newspapers, Internet news pages, or headlines you remember), and make a list of things people seem to follow. 3. Thinking about […]

The Lesson and Life

The Lesson and Life for January 9

by Byron Davis It seems lately I have been bumping into men who are believers, but have found themselves in a dark place. Recently five different men have reached out to me while wrestling with serious issues. Some of the issues were brought on by pride and disobedience; others, only God knows. I had no […]