Another Look by David Faust What would it be like if Jesus attended your business meetings—even the ones at church? Can you picture him huddling with the elders for prayer? Sitting at the conference table while worried-looking leaders with furrowed brows analyze the budget? Listening patiently while the most talkative member of the group blathers […]

What are we saying about God?

Another Look by David Faust I believe in God, but I’m dismayed when foolish things are done in his name. I love the church, but sometimes I’m embarrassed by what churches do. Flipping through the TV channels, I ask myself, “If I were not a believer, what would these religious programs tell me about the […]

You don’t need to be a big dog

Another Look by David Faust My wife and I are the proud owners of a little dog. Our pint-sized long-haired Chihuahua is so small I can carry her in the palm of my hand. Full-grown, she weighs four pounds, six ounces. You know you own a small dog when she has to wear a bell […]

Litterbugs and love-bugs

Another Look David Faust May I share with you a pleasant memory and a pet peeve? First the pet peeve: littering. Why does anyone find it acceptable to toss bottles and fast-food wrappers on the ground? According to a survey conducted for Keep America Beautiful, it costs an estimated $11 billion per year to clean […]