History at the crossroads

Another Look by David Faust We stand at a crossroads every day. Each sunrise confronts us anew with Joshua’s challenge: “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). If you doubt the importance of personal choices, turn back the pages of the calendar and notice how decisions made in the past still […]

Bring a big spoon

By David Faust    Julius Caesar once said that he was not afraid of “well-fed men,” but he feared “the pale and the hungry-looking.” I’m guessing he would have felt right at home at a church fellowship dinner. I have been a well-fed man at churches in most of the 50 states and more than […]

The sound heard far away

Another Look by David Faust The roar of the crowd could be heard for miles. Filled with intense emotion, the people gathered on the very ground where Solomon’s temple stood decades before. After long years in exile, the Jews had returned to Jerusalem and laid the foundation for a new temple to be constructed on […]

Pigging out

Another Look by David Faust My family raised pigs on the farm where I grew up. Yes, hogs stink. But farming isn’t for sissies, and business is business. Whenever someone complained about the odor emanating from the hog barn, Dad would simply chuckle and mutter, “They smell like money to me.” So there’s a part […]