‘Secular’ or ‘spiritual’?

Another Look by David Faust What comes to mind when you think of the word holy? Assembling at the house of worship, or going fishing with friends? Celebrating a sacred holiday, or walking through a shopping center? Going to a dinner party with individuals known for their sexual immorality and questionable business ethics, or eating […]

Living with the new normal

Another Look by David Faust No one wants to re-live the terrible hours of September 11, 2001, but it’s worthwhile to reflect on the ways that awful day affected us. 9/11 aroused deep emotions. We experienced the common bond that comes from sharing profound national and personal grief. 9/11 shattered our complacency. No longer could […]

The power of the pause

Another Look by David Faust Have you discovered the power of the pause? Comedians recognize it. A well-timed pause right before the punch-line makes a story funnier. Musicians, preachers, and actors understand the power of the pause. Writers employ it by adding commas, dashes—and sometimes ellipses . . . . A pause provides a needed […]

Do we really mean it?

Another Look by David Faust Ezra faced a daunting task. God wanted him to lead a remnant of exiled Jews from Babylon back to Jerusalem, which lay in ruins. Ezra’s mission was to re-build the temple, then to be a spiritual leader as the people worshiped the Lord once again in the holy city. Hundreds […]

David Faust

Admit it

Another Look by David Faust I admit it. There’s no reason to deny it, hide it, or cover it up. I’m guilty as charged. I believe in God. Not just any God, though. I believe in the Creator described in Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1—the God who designed a universe larger than our textbooks can […]