The purpose of art part 13: in retrospect

Christians and Culture by Dr. Charlie W. Starr In my previous 12 columns I’ve taken us through a solid primer on how Christians should approach the arts. If you missed an issue, you can find it at, or on my website ( I’m concluding the series with a review of some of the important […]

Teaching Children to Be Creative

by Linda Gilden Many people think teaching children to be creative means nothing more than providing creative materials for them—paper, paint, pencils, crayons, and other “artsy” things. But teaching children to be creative reaches much farther. Materials are not the only things needed to develop creativity. Children need the freedom to explore and create. Guiding […]


Purple Grass and Green Ants

by Tammy Darling Creativity is a natural part of a child’s God-given intelligence—a part that only faintly echoes his own marvelous creativity as expressed in everything he makes and does. In creating, our children imitate God. To be a creator is part of what it means to be a human being. Too often we discourage […]