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Prosecuted and Persecuted

By Dr. Barry Thornton   Since the time of Christ and subsequent to the fourth century, governmental intervention in the affairs of religion coupled with the dictates of culture created a volatile atmosphere for Christians in the free expression of their faith.    ONE LORD Roman government’s mandate for all religions to conform to a […]

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Discipleship from the Old Testament to the New

By Dr. Barry Thornton   One of Leonardo da Vinci’s works now hangs, in all its brilliance, in the National Gallery in London, England. The “Virgin of the Rocks” had undergone 18 months of specialized treatment to bring out the brilliance of the painting and restore it to near original condition. Centuries of overlays of […]


The Lesson and Life — for April 28, 2013

Dr. Barry Thornton   Need I say that postage prices have soared over the years?  And yet stamps have one attribute most of us could emulate: they stick to one thing until they get there! Perseverance is often daunting!  It’s easier to give in or give up, especially if the journey presents obstacles that test […]


The Lesson and Life — for April 21, 2013

By Dr. Barry Thornton   One of my favorite reality TV series is “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Ty Pennington and his crew select a family whose home has been determined to be unfit or inadequate for occupation. To the family’s surprise, they are told that in one week their home is going to be transformed […]


The Lesson and Life — for April 14, 2013

By Dr. Barry Thornton   “God is more interested in our availability than our ability.” The wisdom in this statement is illustrated over and over again in Scripture as God often chose average individuals to fulfill his extraordinary purposes.  “Utterly amazed, they asked: ‘Aren’t all these who are speaking Galileans?’” (Acts 2:7). Incredulous, the crowd […]