The Lesson and Life — for April 7, 2013

By Dr. Barry Thornton   Former Illinois basketball player and Portland Trailblazer rookie Meyers Leonard got a special surprise last March when his brother Bailey walked onto the practice court before a game scheduled against Michigan to greet Meyers for the first time in two years. Bailey had been serving in the Marine Corps in […]


The Lesson and Life — for March 31, 2013

By Dr. Barry Thornton   I was ministering to a church in northwest Indiana in the late 1980s. One afternoon, just before Easter, I received a call informing me that my good friend Hank Gora had received a muffled message from his sister that his mother had died. I quickly made my way to Hank’s […]

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The Translation of Grace

By Dr. Barry Thornton     During the first few weeks of my first preaching ministry in Ohio, I ventured out to the local Department of Motor Vehicles to get our Ohio plates for placement on our Chevy Chevette. (Remember those cars?) Having moved from Indiana, I discovered that Ohio issues two license plates, one […]