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Traits for Thriving Families

By Bev and Phil Haas My wife and I both grew up in families that survived intact but certainly didn’t thrive. What qualities would you suggest we focus on to help our family survive and thrive? Tolstoy wrote, “All happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  We all […]

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Using Music to Teach About God

By Bev and Phil Haas What can we do to help our kids embrace Christian music while shielding them from secular music? Music plays an important role in our daily lives. We hear music in most every environment, including home, school, work, shopping malls, and the church and we listen to music in between locations. […]


Be an Involved Dad

By Bev and Phil Haas Looking back on my childhood, my mom was around a lot but my dad wasn’t. He worked hard for long hours and had little energy left when he came home. I appreciate that he provided for us, but I wish he had spent more time with us. Now that I’m […]


Turning Your Worries into Prayers

By Bev and Phil Haas I’m finally admitting it—I worry about my kids. My husband says I worry way too much and should dial it back. So I’m looking for ways to stop worrying. Got any suggestions? The truth is, we live in perilous times, and many people, especially parents, are experiencing high levels of […]


Simplify Your Family Life

By Bev and Phil Haas Our family life is busier than ever, and there’s no end in sight. My husband and I are having an ongoing conversation about what we can do to simplify our family life. Do you have any ideas we ought to consider? Our world has become so complex and busy, even […]