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Sheltering Your Kids

By Bev and Phil Haas There are lots of disturbing things happening in our world. Is it more loving to shelter our kids or allow them to be exposed to the realities of this world? The following response is from our son, Brian, who is a young pastor in northern Georgia. Brian and his wife, […]


Raising Kids Who Persevere

By Bev and Phil Haas Our son gets frustrated when faced with difficult tasks. Whether it’s sports or school, if he can’t do something the first time or it doesn’t come easily, he wants to quit. What can we do to help him stick it out when stuff gets tough? There have been many inspirational […]

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Freedom in Forgiveness

By Bev and Phil Haas We’re newlyweds, but the newness is beginning to wear off. My wife said some things that really hurt. I’m not sure how to get over my feelings of being wounded by the person I share life with. Any insights are welcome. In every marriage a spouse will eventually say or […]

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Pointers on Peer Pressure

By Bev and Phil Haas We have good kids, but like all kids they sometimes give in to the pressure of their peers and do something they shouldn’t. How can we help our kids say no to negative peer pressure? You’re right, no child is immune to peer pressure. Every day we all make decisions […]

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Pointing Your Kids to Jesus

By Bev and Phil Haas My parents weren’t Christians, and I didn’t become a follower of Jesus until I was 21 years old. Now I’m a parent of two preschoolers and I want my kids to follow Jesus. Can you give us some suggestions on how to guide them in that direction? Most of us […]