Helping a Depressed Friend

By Bev and Phil Haas My friend seems to be having a difficult time. She’s confided she’d just like to get in the car and drive away; other times I’ve checked on her because she’s stayed home from work. She’s started refusing to get out of bed, losing weight, and not really taking care of […]


Becoming a Storyteller

By Bev and Phil Haas I remember my dad telling us stories about God and how to live a good life. I want to do the same with my kids, but I’m not a good storyteller.  It’s encouraging to hear about an involved dad who understands that stories are a powerful way to connect with […]

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Serving Instead of Sitting

By Bev and Phil Haas As our kids have gotten older, Sundays have become a struggle because they resist going to church. It’s not an all out rebellion, but their “thumbs down” attitude is obvious. We don’t think changing churches would help. Do you all have any suggestions? Our hats go off to you for […]

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Freedom for Your Kids

Bev and Phil Haas My husband tells me I’m hanging on too tightly to our 15-year-old son. I know someday he will be on his own, but that’s not now. So what do I do in the meantime? Patrick Henry’s famous statement, “Give me liberty or give me death,” could well describe the internal urge […]


Media Guidelines for Kids

By Bev and Phil Haas Our 6-year-old has grown up with mobile devices like the iPad and iPod. We’re amazed by how adept he is with them. Recently we learned that he sent a birthday voice text to his grandpa with his iPod—then he taught us how! We’re wondering how we as parents can help […]