The purpose of art part 13: in retrospect

Christians and Culture by Dr. Charlie W. Starr In my previous 12 columns I’ve taken us through a solid primer on how Christians should approach the arts. If you missed an issue, you can find it at, or on my website ( I’m concluding the series with a review of some of the important […]


By Dr. Tim Woodroof  Do you know what an “own-goal” is? Of course you do. Only sports-ignoramuses like me would be ignorant of such matters. In case you are as oblivious to sports as I am, an own-goal is something that occurs in goal scoring games—like soccer or American football—when a player causes the ball […]

An unlikely hero

Christians and Culture by Dr. Tim Woodroof Recently, I went shopping for some clothes to wear on an upcoming trip to Thailand. I am speaking at the Asian Mission Forum in Chiang Mai and needed something appropriate and cool (the temperature “cool” rather than the fashion “cool”). The woman presiding over the men’s department was […]