Mind Your Words!

By Linda Gilden   Words have the power to bless, encourage, and build people up. They have the power to uplift and turn an otherwise bad day into a day full of hope. Just a few well-spoken, appropriately delivered, and timely words can make a lifelong impact on someone. Likewise, just a few badly chosen, […]


The Five Ps of Public Speaking

by Linda Gilden Some surveys indicate more people suffer from glossophobia than from necrophobia. Simply put, more people are afraid of standing in front of an audience to speak than are afraid of dying. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Much of the fear of public speaking is generated from a lack of […]


The Value of Your Word

by Elizabeth Delaney One of my college professors was a stickler for honest communication. She was fond of saying, “Be as good as your word.” If students told her they were going to do something at a certain time or show up at a certain place, she expected them to follow through. Her passion for […]

Learning to communicate

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas I wish my husband would be more willing to share his feelings. Is there something I can do to encourage him to be more open with me? In His Needs Her Needs (Baker, 2001) Dr. Willard Harley lists conversation (#2) and openness (#3) among the top needs of […]